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CR2032 vs CR2045: What are the Differences?

The remote operation has been standard in our society for a while and keeps expanding to include more items with each passing day. Be it car keys, wearables, sensors, or plenty of other small devices the button batteries, alternatively called coin batteries, will most certainly provide the necessary charge to them. In the following article, we will note the specifications and uses for two coin batteries, CR2032 and CR2045.

CR2045 vs CR2032

Differences Between CR2032 and CR2045 Batteries


To deduce the dimensions of one of these coin cells we can refer to its name. Within it we will find four digits, the first two showcasing its width while the latter two provide details on its thickness. As we can see both batteries have the same width at 20 mm, in imperial that’s 0.8 inches, this is a pretty standard width that allows compatibility in this aspect. As for thickness, we can see the apparent difference between CR2032 and CR2045. CR2032 has a 3.2 mm thick cell, this thickness makes it quite common in use, while CR2045 has 4.5 mm for its dimensions. In an imperial system that’s 0.12 inch for CR2032 and 0.17 inch for CR2045.

Typical Capacity

If you are interested in having your battery last you should pay attention to its capacity. This specification is expressed in mAh, milliampere-hour. The higher the number the more energy a battery can store, this extends battery life. The two batteries in our review differ greatly in this department, CR2032 has 240 mAh typical capacity. This means that no matter the manufacturer this battery’s capacity will be in the ballpark of its typical capacity. As far as CR2045 goes you can expect 290 mAh capacity. With those out of the way let us jump into uses each model is most frequently associated with.

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The items each model is used for can overlap but it is important to know which ones prefer certain models. As far as CR2032’s uses go most unique one is the part it plays in computer motherboards, acting as a real-time clock’s power source. CR2045 is often used in payment devices and movement sensors.

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