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CR2025 vs CR2032: What are the Differences?

These coin batteries, alternatively called button batteries, are used for small devices such as wristwatches, pocket calculators, automobile key, hearing aids and a variety of transmitters. The batteries can also be used for personal computer parts such as computer motherboards. Here they power the CMOS chip or motherboard’s real-time clock, although this function is usually reserved for CR2032 batteries. The more significant aspects in which they differ are laid out below. Important to note is that CR is a generic name for all coin batteries, these two letters change depending on brand eg. a cell battery from Duracell has DR instead of CR.

CR2025 vs CR2032

Differences Between CR2025 and CR2032 Batteries


The dimensions of cell batteries can be interpreted from their name. How it works is that the first two numbers indicate the width of the battery in millimeters, in case of CR2025 and CR2032 that’s 20mm or 0.8 inches. The other two numbers showcase how thick the coin battery is. The CR2025, in this case, is, 2.5 mm thick while CR2032 is 3.2 mm. When converted this is 0.1 inch for CR2025 and 0.12 inch for 2032.

Typical Capacity

The typical capacity of a battery determines how much energy can be stored within a coin battery, determining its lifespan in that same vein. It is measured in mAh, milliampere-hour. The higher the typical capacity the better. The CR2025 has 163 mAh of capacity, owing to its size and CR2032 240 mAh which will provide more milliampere-hour for your buck.

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Usually CR2025 batteries are used as a power source for wristwatches, pocket calculators and other pocket devices while CR2032 is a standard for motherboards due to its size fitting their power supply segment the best. Another utilization for the CR2032 model, other than some of the generic ones in which it and CR2025 can overlap, is as power supply as memory back-up.

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