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CR2025 vs CR2016: What are the Differences?

With our everyday devices becoming more and more transportable we see button batteries finding additional uses. This also has us requiring more knowledge about batteries themselves for the sake of understanding which to buy. In pursuit of helping you do so, we will be comparing CR2025 and CR2016. While there is a number of differences between these batteries there are some apparent similarities. Namely, both batteries have a width of 20mm, 0.8 inches, which can be interpreted from its name’s four-digit number where the first two digits inform us of this. The two letters, CR, that stand before the number are used as a generic name for button batteries.

CR2025 vs CR2016

Differences Between CR2025 and CR2016 Batteries


The thickness of a battery is expressed in its name’s latter two digits. In the case of CR2025, this means the battery’s thickness is 2.5 mm, or 0.1 inches, and for CR2016 its thickness measures up to 1.6 mm which is equivalent to 0.06 inches.

Typical Capacity

This category exists to inform you of how long a battery can last, or rather how many milliampere-per-hour it can store. For our first model, CR2025, that would be 163 mAh. The value may vary depending on the brand but this is the average capacity you can expect. As for CR2016, it has way less capacity at 90 mAh, which is almost fifty percent less. The CR2025 obviously takes the cake in this department no matter who manufactures it.

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As far as uses go CR2025 is most frequently utilized for wristwatches, pocket calculators, and other such devices. The battery model CR2016 is often used in simple items such as pens, car keys, fitness appliances, and medical devices such as thermometers. Some less generic use is as a memory back-up power source, as its size fits it perfectly.

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