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CR2016 vs CR2045: What are the Differences?

The diversity of coin cell batteries, alternatively known as button cell batteries, comes from their varied specifications and uses in today’s technology. The use for each battery varies as do their capacities and size. The dimensions are expressed in batteries’ names, along with their manufacturer. To keep things simple and generic we will be using CR models of these coin batteries, which is the name for non-specific batteries. The models we will specifically be looking at are CR2016 and CR2045, their differences and uses will be showcased below.

CR2016 vs CR2045

Differences Between CR2016 and CR2045 Batteries


The proportions of a battery determine its ability to fit into different battery slots. For CR2016 as well as CR2045 one constant is their 20 mm width, in an imperial system that’s 0.8 inch, which allows them to fit the same container in terms of this measurement. The size that they differ in though is thickness. The CR2016 model has 1.6 mm thickness, we can deduce this from the last two digits in its name. In terms of thickness, CR2045 offers a 4.5 mm thick frame. If you convert it to inches that’s 0.06 and 0.17 inches.

Typical Capacity

Typical capacity showcases the general capacity you can expect from a battery model. For CR2016 you can expect 90 mAh, which isn’t that much but it serves its purpose. CR 2045’s typical capacity is rather big at 290 mAh. The capacity itself determines how long the unit’s battery life is as it showcases how much energy it can store.

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Although battery use can overlap within some categories each can have its more unique application. For car keys, memory back-up, laser pens, and items such as tensiometers you’ll want CR2016. On the other hand, CR2045 has a more pronounced place in areas such as wearables, payment devices, and sensors.

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