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CR2025 vs CR2045: What are the Differences?

For coin batteries, alternatively called button batteries, the most important thing is understanding how their nomenclature works. The first two characters are letters denoting manufacturer, generic characters for this part of the denotation are CR. As you can see these are the models we will be covering, to give you a look into the average application and power of these types. The number after CR tells us the dimensions of the item. This way we can quickly discern important traits that play a part in the grand scheme of things when it comes to coin batteries.

CR2025 vs CR2045

Differences Between CR2025 and CR2045 Batteries


With CR2025 and CR2045 we have a mutual dimension in their width. By looking at the first two digits of the number we can deduce that both batteries have 20 mm of width, 0.8 inches when converted. As for the other two digits, they tell us about the thickness of the item. The former model has 2.5 mm thickness while the latter has 4.5 mm thickness, which is 0.1 and 0.17 inches respectively when converted.

Typical capacity

This category provides us with information on how much energy can be stored within a single unit. For CR2025 we have 163 mAh of capacity. This is contrasted by CR2045’s 290 mAh of capacity. The difference between the two is quite potent. That alone would make CR2045 a good replacement for CR2025 but there is the fact that some storages aren’t compatible with a thicker frame of CR2045. Compatibility is therefore made very important for button batteries.

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If you require a 3 V battery for your facility management, payment devices, mobile sensors or any similar device then CR2045 is the most optimal choice. Rest assured other devices won’t be without a power source what with CR2025 allowing a great source of power for your wearable watches, pocket calculators, and many others. Of course, the overlap is expected at times but regardless the specific applications remain.


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