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JBL T100a vs T150a: Which Earphones are the Better Buy?

Most people have a few sets of earphones in cupboards and drawers. You probably have some free sets that have come with other devices, but they don’t have the quality or comfort that you are looking for.

JBL is synonymous with excellent sound solutions and the same can be said for earphones. We are going to look at the JBL T100a vs JBL T150a to decide which earphones are the better buy. We will compare all of their features including comfort, style, and sound quality. You will find a comparison chart to quickly view the features side by side and there will be a few pros and cons of each to help with the decision.

JBL T100a vs T150a

The JBL T100a and the JBL T150a are quite similar, so we will start by looking at what they have in common.

JBL T100a vs T150a – Similarities

Quick Glance

Here we can review the features side by side in the following comparison chart.

  JBL T100a JBL T150a
Weight Not stated 2.3 ounces
Color Black, white, red Black
Cable 1.1m Rubberized
In-line Microphone Yes Yes
Controls One button answer call Answer/reject calls
Driver Size 8mm high-performance 8mm Dynamic Driver unit
Frequency Range 20Hz-22KHz 20Hz-22KHz
Audio Input 3.5mm jack 3.5mm jack
What’s Included 3 sets of ear tips (s, m, l) Additional ear tips
Warranty Not stated 12 months

Audio Input

With the 3.5mm jacks, you can connect the JBL T100a and the JBL T150a to a wide range of devices. This includes mobile phones, MP3 and MP4 players, tablets, laptops, and PCs. They are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

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The drivers of the JBL T100a and the JBL T150a are 8mm drivers. The JBL T100a drivers are high-performance and the JBL T150a drivers are dynamic. In both cases, they are good quality drivers that produce powerful bass sounds.

In-line Microphone

The microphone that comes with the JBL T100a and the JBL T150a are in-line. This keeps the design sleek and allows you to make phone calls as well as listen to music.

Frequency Range

The frequency range will allow you to hear the deep bass sounds as well as the high pitches with perfect clarity. The human ear can typically hear between 20Hz and 20,000Hz, although the higher range tends to drop as we get older! The JBL T100a and the JBL T150a have a perfect frequency range of 20Hz to 22,000Hz.

What’s Included

Both the JBL T100a and the JBL T150a come with additional ear tips so that you can choose the right fit for your ear. Although the number of tips isn’t stated for the JBL T150a, we know that the JBL T100a comes with a small, medium, and large set of ear tips.

There are a few differences that are worth looking at so we will move on to them now.

Differences Between JBL T100a and JBL T150a


They look like a typical set of earphones with the JBL logo on the outside of the earbuds.

jbl t100a review

JBL T100a

The weight of these earphones. They come in a choice of black, white, or red.

JBL T150a

They weigh just 2.3 ounces. You only have this set in black.

The Winner Is- The JBL T100a

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The Cable

The cable is almost as important as the sound quality because it plays in a role in the comfort and ease of use.

jbl t100a

JBL T100a

This cable is 1.1 meters long, perhaps a little shorter than average.

JBL T150a

The exact length isn’t mentioned but it is similar to the JBL T100a. The advantage is that it is rubberized and so it is stronger.

The Winner Is- The JBL T150a

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It isn’t much you can control with earphones as most of it will be done via your device.

JBL T150A Review

JBL T100a

There is one single control button on the mic to answer your incoming calls.

JBL T150a

With these earphones, you can answer incoming calls, or you can choose to reject them, again from the microphone.

The Winner Is- The JBL T150a

Value for Money

When two earphones are quite so similar, your decision may come down to the value of money.

JBL T100a

This is slightly more expensive but by a matter of dollars. There is a warranty, but the length isn’t stated.

JBL T150a

It is cheaper and we can confirm that there is a 12-month warranty.

The Winner Is- The JBL T150a

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Pros and Cons

Last but not least, we will look at some pros and cons of the JBL T100a and the JBL T150a to help us with our final verdict.

JBL T100a

jbl t100a Comparison


  • Deep, accurate bass
  • Nice comfortable fit in the ear
  • The wire is thin but doesn’t tangle easily


  • The mic can sometimes emit a vibrating sound

JBL T150a

JBL T150a


  • Crystal clear sound and good bass
  • The mic is good for quality calls
  • The jack is gold-plated


  • It would have been nice to have a bit more volume

The Final Verdict

We have to say that both the JBL T100a and the JBL T150a are great earphones for their price range. It is difficult to find a better set within this price range and still have the same levels of sound quality, especially when it came to the bass sounds and even the mids were pretty impressive.

We liked the different colors of the JBL T100a but aside from this, there wasn’t anything that made these earphones stand out from the JBL T150a.

On the other hand, the JBL T150a had just the right sound that we were looking for. They were lightweight and comfortable in the ear. And the big advantage was the fact that the microphone was clearer, so you didn’t have to unplug them to answer your calls and the choice to reject calls you don’t want to answer. We were more than happy with the black set. Overall, the JBL T150a is a great all-around set of earphones.

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