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Jura S8 vs Z8: Which Coffee Machines are Better?

Coffee consumers around the world know a top-quality coffee machine when they taste their favorite brew. Not a truer word can be said for the Swiss brand Jura. Its unique coffee machines are some of the best in the world for flavor, aroma, and use.

Today, we will look at the Jura S8 vs Z8. We will look closely at their brewing specialties, design, technology, and capacities. We will include all of the specifics in a comparison chart for a quick recap and follow up with some pros and cons.

Jura S8 vs Z8

The Jura S8 and the Jura Z8 have two features in common and we will begin with these.

Jura S8 vs Z8 – Similarities

Quick Glance

The side-by-side chart has all of the Jura S8 and the Jura Z8 specifications.


Jura S8

Jura Z8

Image Jura S8 Jura Z8
Size 11 x 13.7 x 17.5 inches 12.6 x 14.9 x 17.7 inches
Weight 22.1lbs 27.1lbs
Dispenser Height From 2.8 -4.6 inches, cappuccino spout from 4.4 -6.2 inches From 3.07- 5.9 inches,
Color Chrome, midnight silver Aluminum with a blue illuminated water tank
Servings Single and double Single and double
Brewing Specialties 15 specialties 21 specialties
Settings One-Touch, programmable strength, temperature, water One-Touch, one-touch Lungo, programmable strength, temperature, water
Maintenance Cycle Yes Yes, and a one-touch milk cleaning system
Display 4.3” touchscreen color display 4.3” touchscreen color display
Capacity 8 cups Not stated
Water Reservoir Capacity 8 cups 10.1 cups
Bean Container Capacity 0.6lbs 0.6lbs
Grounds Container Capacity 16 portions 20 portions
Grinder Conical burr Aroma G3 grinder Professional Aroma G3 grinder
Additional Features Pulse Extraction Process, Fine foam frother Pulse Extraction Process, Fine foam frother, active bean monitoring


The Jura S8 and the Jura Z8 have dual spouts so you can make single servings and with some specialties, double servings.

The Display

For ease of use, the Jura S8 and the Jura Z8 have a 4.3-inch touchscreen color display. The screens show animations of the brewing process.

Next, we will look at the different features of the Jura S8 and the Jura Z8.

Differences Between Jura S8 and Jura Z8


Both the coffee machines are sleek and modern-looking and a good compact size for most kitchens.

Jura Z8 review

Jura S8

It is slightly smaller at 11 x 12.7 x 17.5 inches. It weighs 22.1 pounds. You can buy either the chrome and black unit or the midnight silver and black unit.

Jura Z8

This coffee machine is 12.6 x 14.9 x 17.7 inches and weighs 27.1 pounds. The official color is aluminum and the blue illuminated water tank adds to the stunning design.

The Winner Is- The Jura Z8

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Dispenser Height

Although you might not get your travel mug under the spouts, you can adjust the height for various cup sizes.

Jura S8 coffee machine

Jura S8

One spout can be adjusted from 2.8 to 4.6 inches and the cappuccino spout from 4.4 to 6.2 inches.

Jura Z8

The two spouts can be adjusted from 3.07 inches to 5.9 inches.

The Winner Is- The Jura S8

Brewing Specialties

There is an impressive number of drinks you can make with these coffee machines.

Jura S8 review

Jura S8

For single and double brews, you can create coffees, espressos and ristrettos as well as single servings of cappuccinos, café lattes, macchiatos, latte macchiatos and flat whites. You can prepare potions of milk, milk foam, hot water and hot water for green tea.

Jura Z8

This coffee machine can make 21 specialty drinks. As well as the same options as the Jura S8, you can make single and double servings of café baristas and lungo baristas. You can also make a full coffee pot and hot water for black tea.

The Winner Is- The Jura Z8

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All of the settings are one-touch for ease of use.

Jura S8 comparison

Jura S8

You can program the amount of water, the coffee strength and temperature. You can save your favorite settings to get the perfect coffee each time.

Jura Z8

In addition to the one-touch functions, you have a one-touch lungo function. The other settings are the same as the Jura S8.

The Winner Is- The Jura Z8

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Maintenance Cycle

To maintain quality coffee each time, it’s important that all of the parts are kept clean.

Jura Z8 coffee macnihe

Jura S8

You will be prompted when various parts need cleaning and there is a one-touch maintenance cycle.

Jura Z8

On top of the maintenance cycle, this has a one-touch milk cleaning system.


The bean containers both hold 0.6 pounds of coffee beans.

Jura S8 automatic coffee machine

Jura S8

The water reservoir holds 8 cups and the grounds container 16 portions.

Jura Z8

You can fill the water reservoir with 10.1 cups of water and the grounds container is also larger with a 20-portion capacity.

The Winner Is- The Jura Z8

The Grinder

You can adjust the grind for your beans with both coffee machines.

Jura Z8 comparison

Jura S8

It comes with a conical burr Aroma G3 grinder.

Jura Z8

The grinder is the same, but it is listed as a professional grinder.

The Winner Is- The Jura Z8

Additional Features

There is some pretty impressive technology with the Jura coffee machines.

Jura Z8 automatic coffee machine

Jura S8

The Pulse Extraction Process allows for optimal extraction time with the same perfect aroma. The fine foam frother creates the perfect texture for milk drinks.

Jura Z8

On top of the Jura 8 features, it has active bean monitoring.

The Winner Is- The Jura Z8

Pros and Cons

We have some pros and cons of the Jura S8 and the Jura Z8 before our final verdict.

Jura S8


  • It’s very easy to use
  • Good range of settings for personalized strength and temperature
  • Amazing flavor for all the coffee types


  • The milk system has to be cleaned frequently

Jura Z8


  • The milk cleaning system is a big help
  • Excellent quality materials
  • Exceptional hot drink flavors and aromas


  • The price

The Final Verdict

Both the Jura S8 and the Jura Z8 are top of the range in terms of the quality they can brew and it’s true, that if you spend a lot in coffee bars, you will eventually get your money back. They are also both lovely in their design and the use is simple. When comparing their features, the Jura Z8 won in practically every area. Nevertheless, today’s winner is the Jura S8. The Jura Z8 is the better coffee machine but we didn’t see enough of an improvement for the additional cost, which is around $1800!

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