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160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine Comparison

Choosing a proper lawnmower is very important for anybody who takes proper care of their yard. The same goes for those who are utilizing them in a more professional setting but either way, what we look for in these tools is longevity. Of course, aspects such as power and various configurations which fit different types of yards are also a factor but if a lawnmower dies mere months after purchase none of those will be properly utilized. The greatest issue is usually posed by the engine so let us take a peek under the hub so we can see what sort of engine you should look out for.

160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine Comparison

Differences Between 160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine

Difference in ccs

When looking over different models of gas-powered lawnmowers we see one very important similarity. This similarity is the specification that states the number of cubic centimeters the tool has. What the specification determines isn’t the capacity of is tank but rather the total amount of displaced volume when the device is operating at full power, or rather full capacity. It is directly proportional to the amount of horsepower your lawnmower can achieve. Of course, with greater horsepower comes greater fuel consumption. From this factor comes a bit more ambiguous and nuanced approach to purchasing a lawnmower with a certain engine.

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160cc vs 190cc engines

Before we get down to the advantages and uses of both of these items. It is important to note that despite cubic centimeters being a primary deciding factor for horsepower it is not the only one. Various outer and inner parts can alter the provided horsepower but to a lesser extent. We bring this forth because you may find it important for increasing the overall power of your engine. However, here you will be informed exclusively on engine power, we are neglecting other affecting factors until the last segment. We picked the 160cc and 190cc engines specifically due to them representing the middle and top ranges of most self-propelled lawnmowers.

Perks of 190cc engine

So as we’ve noted more ccs result in more power which means those looking for more horsepower should immediately hop onto the 190cc option. However, you may be unsure as to whether a powerful engine is required for the jobs you perform. Your yard could have a variety of factors affecting required power such as high length of grass, sturdy weeds, lots of dry leaves amassing on it, or even some inconspicuous budding brush which could otherwise pose a bigger hurdle for a lower-powered engine. The power consumption also becomes less of a downside on these tasks as engines with less horsepower would take longer to get the job done hence consuming more fuel. There is also the possibility they could get damaged, causing you more hassle despite initially saving you some funds. If the job at hand includes a lot of mulching and bagging a strong engine will be more suited for it. This is due to its power mulching leaves and other plants to a much smaller size, allowing your bag to handle a lot more load than it usually would.

Perks of 160cc engine

The less powerful engine has its perks as well, the first one being lower fuel consumption. Longer, less intense jobs are perfect for these types of engines. These usually include short grass trimming and getting rid of minor weeds. It is precisely due to lower fuel consumption that they are so well suited for these jobs. The longer you work the more money you save and no power is wasted as it would be with something with more kick being used. Another area of note is that 30cc, while a noticeable difference, isn’t a life-changing one. Extra power is useful, especially for harsher jobs noted before. However, in case those harsher growths are rare enough to be solved by some manual labor before or after grass cutting you may be fine without spending extra for that boost.

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Other attributes to consider

There are a few more aspects you should revise and make sure lawnmower covers. Aspects such as the material it is made out of and reliability are very important as they guarantee the longevity of the tool. Comfort often comes as one of the concerns, rough handles or bad movement of the mower may reflect poorly on your health and the job you do with it. It is important to remember these items are supposed to last you a long time and a lot of work hours, do not limit your inspection of an item to ccs alone as even more powerful tools may fail you if other conditions aren’t proper.

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